How it Works?

Understand the complete process, and clear all your doubts in this FAQ section, to take your first step towards growth.

3 Simple Steps

To Setup your Remote Team that Delivers.


Brief your Requirement

In our discovery call, we discuss your expectations from the candidate, about the skills, tools and experience required to work with you in that position.


Hiring & Selection

We provide you with short-listed candidates after conducting a unique hiring process. You will have an interview and make the final decision on the selection of the person.


Onboarding & Training

With our unique onboarding process, we introduce them with US work culture, your company culture, values, and rules along with periodical skills improvement training.


From requirement capturing to onboarding, we make it to assure your success.

We listen to your requirements carefully.

In our discovery call, we listen to your requirements carefully. It is not only about the technical skills, but also about cultural fit that matters. 

We ask about the Must Haves and Good To Haves

We try to understand what are the must-have skills and tools for the best fit to hire, and which are good to have.
We try to categorise as what is an absolute must, and what can be they trained for after hiring. 

Creating a detailed Job Profile

Based on our discussions, we ask you to create a detailed JD / Job Profile for the position.
This is critical, as we send the same to the agencies to find the right profiles. 

We define the Interview Process with your guidelines

Based on the skill set required, we discuss with you about the interview process and questions/tests to be conducted.
We combine questions that test technical as well as interpersonal skills of the candidates for the best match.

Candidate Search & Pre-screening

The agencies search for suitable candidates across the database on job portals, and other resources.
We also look at the pre-screened and previously interviewed profiles for a match.

We conduct Interviews based on your guidelines

We conduct multi-step interviews and technical tests, to ensure that they have the required technical and personal skills to deliver the job.
We combine techniques that help to identify their personality and suitability for a specific role.

We shortlist candidates, You take the final decision

We organize the interview of the shortlisted candidates with you.
Based on your interview with them, you make the final decision and notify us about the same.

We make the offer to the candidate on your behalf

We make the offer to the candidate finalized by you and do the background check and due diligence.
We complete the formalities and hire the candidate under Cybridge for your project.

Onboarding: Induction Training

Upon onboarding, the candidate is given the mandatory induction training.
It includes training about US Work-culture, Your company's work culture, Ethics & Values, Office Etiquettes & Rules, Working Tools & Reporting etc.

On-going Performance Improvement Training

Based on your feedback and evaluation of the person's skill gaps, we organize performance training by external trainers.
In case of personal training needs candidates are guided to senior experts or are asked to join appropriate training courses.

Feedback, Review & Alignment

We assure to conduct regular feedback from you about the performance of the person.
Efforts are taken to review and assure that the person is aligned with the expectations for the role, and is delivering as promised.

You get Happy People & Happy Clients

With a complete focus on the success of your project, you get happy clients that are delighted with your timely delivered projects, and a happy team that thrives to do their best.

Choose from a Talent Pool of 300+ experts

From WordPress Designers, Social Media Experts, PPC Specialists, to iOS & Android Developers.

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